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Science fiction through lens of racial inclusiveness.


enerations of science fiction writers have envisioned futures marked by space travel, robots, and galactic empires. While the most familiar futures imagined in literature have been produced by white authors, there has long been an unacknowledged tradition of SF written by people of color.



A compilation of dogs who ate bees

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My friend Rudy’s show, Wild Archaeology, got picked up by APTN and the first season is currently in production. Check out the teaser above, it’s gonna be great.


Wild Archaeology takes you across the vast, rugged landscapes of North America to explore aboriginal archaeology and First Nations cultural heritage sites.

The archaeological record of the First Peoples of North America is scattered, fragmented, and could be lost forever. Guided by Dr. Rudy Reimer together with two young Aboriginal hosts, we are taken on a journey and adventure through the mountains, waterways, plains, and Arctic landscapes of Canada’s ancient archaeological record, to discover first-hand the untold story of the original peoples of North America. Twelve thousand years of human inhabitation of this land is vividly brought to life.

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HEY WANT TO SEE SOMETHING REAL NEAT? My personal tumblr is now going to be me venting about house hunting. Here’s what it’s like trying to find a place to live in Vancouver, if you are three adults with productive jobs and some pets (that’s right, GASPPPP we have two cats and a dog. I think that makes us the worst, smelliest, nastiest and most irresponsible people in the world, according to landlords.)  See the search criteria in the top image? 2+ bedrooms, anywhere in Vancouver, max budget of a VERY healthy 2400 (we can only manage that if we find something bigger and get extra people in on it. Our budget is 600$ per month per person, and even that is a bit killer - right now that is over 50% of my monthly income. But good luck finding anything for less than that, unless you want to live in a basement with no windows on the moon). Anyway. When you search with the above mentioned criteria and no ‘pet’ options selected, you get over 1800 responses, some are pretty decent sounding. WELL, JUST WAIT. go down one image, and see what happens when you select ‘cats’. Even with a crazy budget of 2400 per month, the number of listings drops to 163. Seriously? So now every person in the city who happens to live with a partner or a roomie and has a CAT is now fighting for 163 places. (i get there are probably places that don’t come up on Craigslist because of various reasons - friends passing them along, etc, etc, but that is not going to make up for the fact that in a large metropolitan city there are only a couple hundred cat friendly places up for rent with some fairly non-demanding criteria - consider when you search Craigslist without any filters except ‘Vancouver’ selected, you get 5700+ available homes for rent. When you just add ‘cats’, it drops to 686 results. Um, i suck at this math, but that is a really bad percentage. and we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet.)

Now. Take a look at my final image. When you include ‘dogs’ in this search - you get a whopping 89 places to choose from. AND - clearly, right off the bat, several of those in the screen shot ARE NOT ACTUALLY IN VANCOUVER. Saturna Island? Really? Great. Thanks. I’ll def commute to work every day from there, no worries. If you scroll down more, you find houses in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, etc, all through that list (And more in another post on landlords who lie about location, size, etc to get you to click on an ad, like that makes any sense at all). So really, it’s more about 60 homes for rent that allow cats and dogs. Great. Realistically, if we were to narrow this down to things we could actually live in (like, not in a tiny yaletown apartment, walking distance to a grocery store or something, cause we don’t have cars, maybe not a basement if we are lucky) that number drops to single digits. 

AND - we have discovered, through the endless cycle of house hunting, finding a place, and getting excited, and then losing the house, constantly - that unless you have a baby or several babies, landlords also think you are incredibly suspicious and horrible and probably going nowhere with life. Apparently, you can cram tons of kids into a three bedroom place, but if you got three adults, and there is THREE rooms for them - that is clearly not enough space and when you add pets in the mix you may as well be running a meth lab or something. Landlords would probably prefer that actually, to the potential threat of non-existent damage that a pet might cause to a house (i know some pets are bad if they are not trained and/or cared for properly, but we come with excellent references for our clean, well trained, and well cared for furry friends - so lumping every person with a pet into a category that is definitely the minority is really unfair). We’re even willing to pay exorbitant and totally ridiculous, punitive pet deposits and that is STILL not enough for most people in this city.

What are we supposed to do? I even got an application that asked if we would be willing to get rid of our pets to get the space. Really? Oh sorry creatures we’ve loved for many years, you’re out cause we want that sweet apartment with the gas stove? Nope. I guess we just keep looking, keep calling landlords whose ads say ‘no pets’ and trying to convince them that people with pets are actually really responsible, awesome tenants who just want a stable place to live and will pay you way more money out of sheer desperation to do so. Hasn’t worked yet, but hopefully by October it does, cause then our house gets torn down and we are really in trouble.

TL;DR - If you have a pet in Vancouver, consider living in a van by the railroad tracks, cause you probably will not find anything else more appealing.

WOW THIS IS MY EXACT LIFE RIGHT NOW. thanks, cheryl, for putting it all into words. 

i don’t even have a dog and it’s fucking pulling teeth to find a place for me, my partner, and my two cats. and we’re looking for august… soooo fuck all of our collective pet-owning lives. 

This is why I lived in Dunbar, the least cool part of the city. But, whatever, fuck all of you who rolled your eyes at how lame Dunbar is, I had a sweet apartment with a fireplace and no neighbours and I could afford it and my cat and dog were welcome, and there was the most beautiful park nearby and pretty much the only problem was the downstairs office where the boss liked to blare Eminem on Saturday mornings and read porno and smoke weed in his SUV in the parking lot.

Edit: in fact if you don’t mind being not cool message me for my landlord’s email address maybe it’s for rent!

People judged you for living in Dunbar? WTF, you had the BEST place of all and in a GREAT neighborhood.

Well I of course agree! Thanks
. And everyone, it is OK to live west of Macdonald :P

Yes! I now live on Alma in the best pet friendly place ever! And there is a super cute husky downstairs who howls whenever a siren goes by 

equipment broke, thesis writing delayed by months. equipment finally fixed, finally have draft done, can’t get ahold of advisor. no idea if this is going to get passed in time - if not, no sshrc. kill meeeeeeee

Mad Men Challenge [2/8 Characters]

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Enbridge Pipeline, a Haiku


So should we do this
No no really you should not
Great let’s do it then

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